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It is an interesting point to note that building a new poultry processing factory is a reasonably rare event in the poultry industry. Particularly when considering higher production volumes of say ½ million birds per week. Perhaps more than 95% of all poultry factory projects are either expanding or improving an existing facility. For this reason, experience and expertise in such a project is rare on the ground. Hawley Associates are currently involved in several new build projects where we have been tasked with delivering the project from early conceptual design, through commissioning and start up. Take a look within our "New Factory" section to see how our team can fill this expertise gap for your project.


Every poultry factory in the World has the possibility to improve performance or reduce costs with either justifiable investment or the transfer of expertise and knowledge.  Over the past 35 years we have played a key part in how the poultry processing industry has developed, from the early 80’s where a large factory slaughtered perhaps 2,000 birds per hour, to today, where we have clients running at 15,000 per hour on a single line. Over all these years, we have been in more than a thousand poultry factories across more than 70 countries. That wealth of experience puts Hawley Associates in a unique position to be able to offer meaningful help and advice to enable you find extra yield or reduce your cost of production.


By far the most common projects we look after are factory re-development projects. These are generally far more challenging and complex than a new build, for a whole host of reasons. Our specialist team based here in the UK have countless years’ experience in re-developing and expanding existing poultry factories around the World. The "Existing Factory Expansion" section details how we can offer you a one-stop solution to a re-development project.


Many poultry companies expand their business by acquiring other poultry businesses. Sometimes, this is to increase their production assets. Other times, it may be just to expand their sales ledger. Regardless of the reason for a business acquisition, it will likely put strain on your existing business and management as you try to integrate the two together. The right help and advice is vital to make these transitions run smoothly. Take a look at our “New Business Integration” page to see more about how we can help you.


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