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To successfully design, construct and operate a fully integrated poultry production operation, it requires expertise in several different specialist areas. It is not difficult to understand why, when you consider that a fully integrated operation may contain the following divisions:

  • Breeder Division
  • Broiler growing division
  • Feed division
  • Hatching division
  • Processing division
  • By-product processing
  • Sales, marketing, storage & distribution division

Each of these divisions needs to be able to operate efficiently and to specification as the smallest problem in one division can significantly impact operations in others.

If you are considering building a fully integrated poultry business then Hawley Associates are here to help by providing you with the expertise to develop the entire project for you. We have expert associate consultants who specialise in poultry and cover the following:

  • Broiler and breeder production
  • Feed mill design and operation
  • Poultry nutrition
  • Hatchery design and operation
  • Pet food manufacture from poultry by-products.

Hawley Associates are uniquely placed to look after the development of a fully integrated poultry project anywhere in the world. Not only can we look after all the requirements of such a project but we are able to offer unique training to key staff by embedding them within our existing clients operations to gain “on the job” training and experience!


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