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Six simple questions that we always ask first. The answers to which tells us a lot and helps us get an immediate feel for the scope of the project, and we already have enough information to start to help you.

  1. How many birds per day/week?
  2. Where are the live chicken coming from?
  3. What is the pay for a typical factory worker?
  4. Fresh air chilled or frozen water chilled?
  5. Where is the factory to being built?
  6. What is your budget and timescale?

Whether you want a small abattoir to slaughter 800 birds per hour or need to process over a million chicken per week, our new factory development team will talk to you about your objectives, thoughts and ideas. We will evaluate every process and operation that needs to happen in the new factory, and explain to you all the options of manual methods or automation and the costs, pros and cons of each. These will include impacts to yields, cost of production and other considerations such as capital cost, maintenance costs and the other types of challenges that perhaps, additional labour or automation would bring. Of course more manual methods of certain processes are common where we have low labour costs or lower throughputs, but they can also have their place in high volume factories dependent on yield.

Once we agree on the full requirements we can move forward onto a detailed concept design which includes floor plans and process drawings as well as building elevation drawings. We produce a full project presentation with detailed budget costings and timescales. In short we provide all the key information and drawings to enable stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Once a decision is taken to move forward with the project Hawley Associates will look after and oversee the whole project. Our involvement on any project will vary depending upon our clients requirements but typically included:

  • Developed design with detailed proposals from key suppliers.
  • Technical design – the fine detail to ensure all suppliers equipment & services to come together for a perfect solution.
  • Construction – Our team overseas all aspects of construction and fitting out of your new facility.
  • Hand over & completion – We ensure staff are trained and that the factory and processes within perform to requirements.


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