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Factory expansion projects are often the most challenging of all projects
. How do you make major changes and expansions to an existing facility without closing it for many weeks or months with the resulting loss of production and no doubt customers? Expansion projects are generally far more complex than a new factory build!

Hawley Associates have all the answers to this question. We have designed, developed and managed many complex expansion projects for poultry processing businesses around the world. Often we can design such a project in a way that production has no need to stop other than for a series of longer weekends.

The process starts with initial consultation to look at all the options and possibilities. From that we can make a full concept design of the how the final expanded factory and processes within will look and make a detailed presentation of the various phase of the project to take the factory from where it is now to the completed project.

Once a decision is taken to move forward with the project Hawley Associates will look after and oversee the whole project. Our involvement on any project will vary depending upon our clients requirements but typically included:

  • Developed design with detailed proposals from key suppliers
  • Technical design – the fine detail, to ensure all suppliers, equipment & services can come together for a perfect solution
  • Construction – Our team oversees all aspects of construction and fitting out of your new facility
  • Hand over & completion – We ensure staff are trained and that the factory and processes within perform to requirements
  • Ongoing support – We support you and your team for as long as you need it!


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