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During the cycle of rearing and processing poultry a significant volume of “waste” by-products are produced. The farms produce waste litter or manure. This can amount to 9-10KG per square meter of floor. They also produce mortality. The factory produces waste materials such as feather, some of the intestine parts and perhaps blood and D.O.A’s. A high volume of waste water also arises from the process.

Understanding these by-products and turning them into saleable material is a big factor in the profitability of the whole operation. Hawley Associates has the expertise to process the farm litter into wet and dry fertilizer that can go back into the crop growing chain. Many parts of the developing world find it difficult to afford effective crop fertilizers, so the poultry farms actually produce a valuable commodity.

There is also technology that can dry this waste ready for burning and producing significant amounts of electrical power.

The protein based by-products are more difficult to dispose of. However these can be converted into very valuable products by further processing them.

Generally we look to render them down to produce dry “feather“ meal and fat. Internationally, these separate commodities can trade between $600-$800USD per metric tonne. These products in some countries can be put back into poultry feed – they contain some ideal proteins. Most of the dry pet food you can buy is made from such processed by-products.  Hawley Associates have a specialist who is an expert in the design, construction and operation of dry pet food factories. What could be treated as waste can easily become a very valuable additional product with the right help and advice.


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