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In all livestock rearing the quality of feed is vitally important. No more so than in the rearing of poultry. Due to the short period it takes us to grow a chick to slaughtering weight and the importance of the food conversion ration to profitability, quality feed formulated to a perfect recipe is paramount.

Therefore the quality of ingredients as well as the feed milling process need to be as near perfect as it can be. Our feed mill specialist have many years’ experience in the design and operation of poultry feed mills. We also have a network of very specialist poultry feed nutritionists, several of whom specialise in poultry feed I hot or difficult climates.

One of the most challenging aspects of operation a modern feed mill is actually logistics – the reception of raw materials and the dispatch of finished product. We design feed mills with this in the forefront of our thinking as we understand how challenging logistics can be in a busy feed mill.

Sometimes projects start there life knowing that the business will buy in feed from day one and build the feed production side of the business in a later phase. In these situations we need to consider how to store, look after and distribute the feed to the farms. Our team can assist you in the sourcing of suitable feed as well as designing the formulation specifically to your growing requirements.


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